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We are providing good and best Landscaping Products to our valuable customers.
Quality for life!

Developments in composition of artificial grass yarns has improved considerably in recent years and resulted in greater utilisation of synthetic turf in landscaping, recreational activity and sporting facilities. The application of heavy yarn counts places strain on heavy usage over.

Long lasting & Eco-friendly!

Moreover, the unique combination of UV-resistance Poly-ethylene and other safe developed-chemical additives made huge revolution in artificial grass industry. Our R&D team have reached an outstanding results to get artificial grass with maximum usage time under heavy conditions with zero environmental risks! Additional enhancements such as color lasting, yarn tension and UV resistance are available to provide a greater degree of artificial grass quality.

Largest & Well Managed Factory

Our factory is also considered one of the best-managed factories in the industry. The key quality of artificial grass lies in its lifespan and safety, especially when you put it in your garden. GMC chooses the very best quality of raw material with strong UV stability to make sure our grass keeps fresh & green over years. In addition, to avoid health threats during contact, GMC products are proved to contain no lead, no heavy metals or any other harmful chemicals according to the highest safety standards, such as DIN, REACH, RoHS. It is even safe for kids and pets.


We offer another level of artificial grass quality with very attractive prices. Thanks to our R&D team who made this possible by enhancing every parameter and element of our artificial grass.

Wide designs and creative landscaping models are achieved to help our costumer choose what is the best for his desires and interests.
Free technical and financial consultation!
When it comes in choosing what is the best for your project, you certainly will find us at your shoulder to assist you with at most satisfaction.
We do not leave our costumer behind! After-sale services is what we are unique at. Installing artificial grass and maintenance should not be a dilemma any more. Our expert teams are always ready to meet your needs.– Grass Manufacturing Co.

Largest & Well Managed Factory


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GMC Sales Team

Consultation & Pre-sale Services

We welcome you to contact us and answer and question or inquiry that you have. We give you the best consultation about your project from A-Z. All with free of charge. We can also come to your place or site to give you realistic answers and advice on your project. Also, free of charge. Wherever you are, we can help you and assist you to take the right decision.


GMC Technical Team

Production, QC, R&D and Planning

Our technical teams are working 24/7 all day all year long to meet our clients huge demands. Thanks to the new era of technology, we are moving so fast with huge production capacity every year. No matter how big your order is from 1,000 sqm to 1,000,000 sqm, we can provide it for you in a very short period of time. Of course quality is our priority! WE GOT YOUR BACK!


GMC Strategic Partnership Team

OEM & ODM | Associated Company Affaires

We invite and welcome OEM & ODM orders. Further, we do strategic partnership with associated companies which have any related products to our industries such as; rubbers, silica sand, adhesive glue, joining tape for AF, .... etc. GMC is always open to new alliance and sustainable partnership to grow up the quality of GMC products and services. IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH!

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